Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Teatime in San Francisco

In July, I was able to visit Crown & Crumpet in San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square. The decor is very whimsical and cute with plenty of polka dots, floral prints, and vibrant colors. They even have their own line of china with humorous quotes. A little shop is next to the dining area selling china and small gift items, but the different candies for sale are displayed amongst the tables and they're wrapped with such care and distinction, you find yourself busy looking at everything.

I chose a black tea they call peach crumpet, and it was a lovely tea for a summer afternoon. Very sweet and refreshing even without sugar!

With the tea I sampled their tea sandwiches and mini sweets without getting the full tea since I can't manage all of that as it is, much less scones too. They served 6 tea sandwiches ranging from an open faced salmon on cream cheese to other teatime staples like egg salad and cucumber sandwiches. There were 7 tiny sweets including a chocolate chip cookie, a very cute wee cupcake, and a lemon tart with three blueberries. The food wasn't super impressive, but most items tasted good. At the end you were left with a gift of a sweet candy bracelet.

I was left feeling very relaxed. The atmosphere at the Crown & Crumpet is quite fun, and I'm sure it's an excellent place to entertain friends or host small parties or showers.

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  1. Lucky you! I read about this tearoom in Romantic Homes last year and would LOVE to go myself one day! (And being a Georgia girl, I would *have* to try that peach crumpet tea.)