Sunday, April 11, 2010

Missing in Action

Why haven't I been writing? I could blame it on a combination of a 7 year old, a messy house, and no pizza delivery in our neighborhood. It's all true, although there are plenty of other reasons. However, I've been thinking about tea and chocolate, indulging in tea and chocolate, and gee, I ought to be writing about it if only to clue you in on some of the yumminess out there in the great world! Ooh, that almost makes it sound like a noble cause doesn't it?

Anyway, today's chocolate is from Knoke's chocolates in Hudson, Wisconsin. It's a very cute shop in the downtown area near the St. Croix river. They make many of their products in the small shop, so often you'll step in and find yourself carried away by wonderful smells. The shop also sells ice cream which makes it a fun place to stop on summer evenings.

The chocolates pictured above are both dark chocolate truffles. One is cinnamon, and the other is described as blueberry balsamic. They were about $1 each. The cinnamon was delightful with a lovely bite of spice which only added to how good the chocolate was. After eating Easter candy earlier this month, I really appreciated that this wasn't too sweet! The blueberry was definitely fruity and less subtle than the cinnamon. I'm a fan of balsamic vinegar, but I wasn't picking up on that sort of flavor when I tasted this truffle. Perhaps it wasn't there so much for its own flavor as to enhance the blueberry? I did like the unique taste since blueberry isn't something I commonly find in truffles, but this truffle was a bit too sweet for me.

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